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A platform for professionals to pay it forward

Are you interested in joining the Collective Success Netowrk?

There are many ways volunteers can contribute.

You can select a level of participation based on interests and time availability.

Executive Promoter

Generate awareness in the wider business community and help build a diverse and inclusive network of corporate partners and allies

Sponsor and host event(s) at your company and rally your colleagues to participate

Help raise funds

Take a leadership role in realizing the vision of Collective Success

Design and implement program

Help build and support campus chapters

Steering Committee

Serve as a champion within your company and community to rally your colleagues to participate in and/or financially support our programs


Attend events and participate in our programs to serve students


(Group Mentorship, Career Path Guidance, Learning Events, or Company Visits)


Bring Collective Success to Your Region

We recognize that the demand for Collective Success’ programs extends well beyond Philadelphia. Therefore we are building a hub-and-spokes model that has the potential to be replicated across the country.


The “hub” is the team of professional leaders in a metropolitan region that oversees intercollegiate programming and the “spokes” are the campus chapters who help operationalize programming at their respective college or university.

Here is what it takes to build a new hub:

  1. Rally a minimum of 10 committed professional volunteers to form a Professional Steering Committee that oversees the operations and implements programs.

  2. Collaborate with student leaders at a minimum of two different colleges in your area to form campus chapters. 

  3. The leaders of each chapter become the Intercollegiate Student Steering Committee. 

  4. Build a board of advisors by rallying passionate executive promoters to gather together to support the hub.

  5. Raise $30,000 to fund programming costs each year. 

Would you like to build a Collective Success hub in your region?
Please contact us at  

Contact Us

For general inquiries, you can reach us at or by filling out the form below.

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