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The following resources offered here are designed to help FGLI college students in all aspects of their college experience, career exploration, physical and mental health, and personal success.


CSN will continue to expand and update the list. Please let us know if you have suggestions for other resources we could include.

Centers/On-line Hubs Re: First Generation College Students

These organizations all support first generation low-income college students. Their websites offer information about and links to grants and financial support, jobs and internships, leadership programs, books and current research, mentoring and networking opportunities.


Stats about First Generation Students

The following website offers information about first gen college students based on surveys with thousands of students across the country. Topics include: educational inspiration, money matters and separation of school and home.

Blogs & Personal Stories About Being First Generation

You are not alone! These first hand stories highlight some of the unique experiences of FGLI students, including advice and inspiration on a range of topics, including the navigating college through the COVID19 pandemic.


TED Talks on First Generation Experience

These are links to just a few TED Talks - influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity - that are relevant to the first generation experience.


Covid Advice/Resources

COVID19 impacts us in so many ways - from food and housing insecurity, isolation, learning on-line, physical and mental health issues. Here are some websites that offer support.


Mental Health

Calm Clarity was founded by Due Quach, who is also the co-founder of CSN. This website offers a wealth of information on trauma, healing, meditation, and mental health, including a link to an Inclusive Mental Health Resources Guide.


College Access Programs

This website offers links to a broad range of college access programs in the Philadelphia area. While it is primarily geared towards high school students (so you can help family and friends) it also suggests a number of organizations you might want to volunteer for or do an internship or co-op at.


Books on First Generation Experience

Here are just some of the growing body of books written by and about first gen college students. Please let us know if you’ve read books we should include on this list!

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