Virtual Mentorship


Track 1: General Mentorship

Our general mentorship program is designed to support freshmen and sophomores to gain a bigger picture perspective on how the college years fit into a larger life journey for first-generation college students, and to guide them on how to navigate college, choose a major, find their voice, own their narrative, and advocate for their needs. 

To facilitate peer mentorship and building support networks, we pair two mentors with a small group of college students to form pods that meet about 5 times over a semester.

During Fall 2020, the mentorship sessions will be conducted virtually.  

Virtual Mentorship  


Track 2: Career Path Guidance

This program connects students with seasoned professionals to gain practical and  concrete knowledge on how to enter the field of their choice.

Career Path Mentors provide feedback on the student’s cover letter and resume, guide them on how to manage the job search process, and help them prepare for interviews.

Learning Events

We curate learning events each semester based on our population's evolving needs.


These events focus on professional and personal development, covering topics such as career navigation, emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership skills, and financial literacy.

Networking and Social Events

Meet-and-greets for students and professionals to gather and interact provide our students informal spaces to gain exposure to professional culture, communication, and etiquette, to learn about different careers, and to build personal relationships with professionals and other first-gen college students.

Company Visits

Student gain real-world exposure to various industries by visiting companies.


Participating companies host groups of no more than 20 students at their offices to provide them with an insider’s overview of the industry.  Staff will talk about their individual career paths and share insights on how to enter and advance in the industry.