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Our Core Behaviors

We invite all our student and professional members to adopt these core behaviors to contribute to building a vibrant CSN community and culture


Connect with compassion

  • Invest time and energy to know others on a professional and personal level

Level Up

Gain experience and hone your skills

  • Nurture a growth mindset for professional and personal development


Contribute as a CSN community member

  • Share input, feedback and effort to shape CSN programs and experiences


Honor our efforts and progress  

  • Take pride in and recognize the good work of ourselves and others 

Our Core Leadership Behaviors

We invite everyone with a leadership role at CSN, including students and professionals, to adopt these core leadership behaviors to help create a consistent and supportive CSN experience for all our stakeholders.  


Try new things, reflect and share learnings with others


Engage in efforts towards inclusion and justice for all

Pay it Forward

Lift others as you climb

Our vision is to serve and benefit all low-income, first generation college students (rather than build a model that is exclusive or elitist)

Open & Inclusive

Open & Inclusive

Our vision is to serve and benefit all low-income, first generation college students (rather than only a limited selected cohort)

Respectful & Egalitarian

We treat everyone with dignity and fairness; we are non-hierarchical, non-elitist, and non-exclusive


Our professional and student members work together in teams to harness each other's knowledge, insights, and talents


We appreciate the contributions of all our volunteers and supporters; we do not take anything and anyone for granted


We follow-through on our word and commitments; we ask for help when needed; we admit and learn from mistakes

Curious & Experimental

We ask questions, gather information, and test ideas and solutions through prototypes and pilots before making conclusions


We aim to alleviate suffering and promote healing by creating a safe forum for people to share their experiences and challenges


We stand up for our values, speak up to create dialogue and awareness, and challenge people to stretch, grow, and learn


We have high standards for quality, integrity, and process; we continuously improve and refine our services to better meet demand


We emphasize the importance of holistic well-being and pro-active self-care to prevent burn-out

Our Core Values

As a student-driven organization, the heart and soul of the Collective Success Network are our student leaders. These are the 10 core values guiding our team culture and campus chapters to further nurture the strengths that first-generation college students and graduates bring to the table. 

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